La Marzocco GB5 2gr. AV 380 volt 3phases glossy white coloured 12000 shots bf refurbishing:

La Marzocco GB5 2gr. AV 380 volt 3phases glossy white coloured 12000 shots bf refurbishing:

62.500,00 kr.

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Here is a list what refurbish includes:

  1. Boilers and heatingelements taken out and mechanically cleansed. When inserted they were insulated with original insulation + xtra Basotect(150 celsius heatresistant) to fill out the gaps under the boilers – because of that you save more energy.
  2. The condensators on pump and print are brandnew. The buttons are gently cleansed inside so they work like new buttons. The display where changed to Oleddisplays blackand white to clarify the picture. 
  3. After mechanically with waterblasting cleaning all brasstubes they were assembled with new contravalves inclusive the new pumphead. All 4 magnetics valve are brandnew – 2 for the brewheads and 1 for waterintake and 1 for teawater with or without mixin with cold water. This results in a perfect circulation. The hydrobox was removed and cleansed and after honed and the expensive parts inside was exchanged with longlasting stainless steel parts.
  4. The 2 brewheads comes with new rubygicleurs, gaskets, LaMarzocco silicongaskets and the strongest durable Lion showerscreens. The flowmeterlids and impellars are brandnew ready to start from scratch. 
  5. Both steamerhouses was cleansed inside and added some new most importaned parts and was after greased and adjusted. 
  6. This La Marzocco has an external pump you can place in a closet under the machine on a thick cloth then it will almost be silent when working and because of the exclusive materials the machine can suck heat away from the barista and he will not be fried during work. 
  7. It possible in the software to enable or disable prebrewing and adjust the temperature on coffeeboiler.  There is a pressureswitch on the steamboiler. Don’t go higher than 1,6mb. The new safetyvalve is set for 1,8mb. 


The machine is sold with no warranty but will not be in use after the video you can watch. But if you have an issue I can give you support on whatsapp what to do on +4527968197 Thomas Abildgaard. 

Here are some precautions to be aware of:

  1. The powersupply must be 380volt 3phased and properly installed. In worse case you can burn the print if forgetting to connect the blue 0-cable on the powersupply. 
  2. Use only water for espressomachines without chalk and make sure there are no particles before mounting to the pump. These particles can block the gicleurs so no water comes out of the brewhead. 
  3. In the left side there is a new expansionvalve which much be adjusted now and then after using for a while – it must not exceed 11,5 mb to save the stainless steel knittings –they are not meant for higher pressure thatn 11,5 mb.  You can adjust with a blindfilter to  max 9,5 mb and afterwards finetune on the new pumphead. 
  4. If the steamers begins to drip its because of the new rubberseatgasket then reposition the stopscrew behind the steamerbody. There are 3 positions. If you want to readjust the steamer you have to remove the white lid from the front and remove the screws. Next turn it until you feel resistance this is the position before it opens for the steam and finally you can adjust the stopscrew behind. 
  5. On each brewhead there is a bleedscrew and the first time you connect water each group must be bleeded from air. When water comes out you can tighten the screws and before remember to cover the electric parts with cloths. 

Now you are ready to adjust the grinder and the buttons for the machine. Begin with the grinder. F.ex. 18gram coffee and see when it comes out the machine perfectly. Next you can adjust the grinder for 2 sizes a single and a double and adjust the timer to get the exact amount of coffee. Now you are ready with an espressoweight to adjust the volumetric buttons on the machine in 4 sizes ristretto, espresso and lungo after your needs. Then your staff only need to press the button and then the barista can concentrate on steaming the milk because the brewing stop by itself. One of the buttons can be a  2-3 seconds flush buttons to removed old coffeeoils to optimize taste for customer. 

Price  50000,-kr. eks moms.  (62.500,- DKR Incl. moms.) Including Mahlkonig K 30 ES Espresso grinder.

The machine can be delivered and calibrated inside Denmark except from Bornholm.

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